gnome-boxes: Coder’s log


June, 27th-July 9th

So another two weeks have passed and it’s time to sum things up and reflect a little on the struggles and accomplishments that have marked this time period, which was quite a bumpy  ride compared to the others, but definitely more exciting.

Good news first, I have managed to make gnome-boxes successfully advertises SPICE connections on the local network and to browse already existent connections, although the UI is not yet implemented and there is still work to do.

Hopefully very soon, GNOME-Boxes will be able to create new “Boxes” out of advertised SPICE connections in a very straightforward manner. Although there is still a decent amount of work to do, I already have developed strong feelings for this awesome feature, so the future sounds very bright for it :).

Now, to talk about the shared folder feature, I managed to make GNOME-Boxes automatically add the WEBDAV-channel to every virtual machine and I am very close to making Boxes install spice-webdavd after any express installation. To translate this, the shared folders is going to be an out of the box feature, which will in most cases require no configurations from the user.

As for the bad news, well, now that I think about it, there aren’t any bad news per se, but adding a visual display when someone hovers with a file over a machine is proving to be a little more difficult task than expected, because the new UI component ends up on top of our machine’s display and replaces its drag destination site, so it will most likely require some workarounds.  Here is an example of the intended UI:


All in all, the light at the end of the tunnel is a ton more visible now for some features, some tiny bugs have been fixed and the future of Boxes looks very interesting and exciting !





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