gnome-boxes: Coder’s log 2

July, 10th – July. 24th

I will be making a more visual blog post this time,  filled more with imagery rather than text. Why ? Because I managed to create some patches for GNOME-Boxes that can be shown off, and why not brag a little when you have what to brag with ? 🙂 So let’s leave the worries and hardships for the end of this post and just get a taste of the soon-to-be new features of Boxes.

Disclaimer: This awesome images/videos are just a peak at the future of GNOME-Boxes and may still be subject to change into something even more awesome until the patches get merged with the project.

Here is an example of boxes creation out of a published remote connection. For demonstration purposes, the published machine is on the same host as the client, but it works exactly the same when publishing from a different host on the local network.

In the first part of the video, we expose a display connection, so that it can be reachable on the network. This is the server part of the feature.

In the second part, we check for available connections and, after selecting one of it, we create a box out of it.

Video here:


For the sake of not letting the user create useless boxes, I added two new phases to the wizard for remote machines.

The first one, the ‘Preparation’ phase, checks whether the remote connections is actually reachable and that we can connect to it. You will need to have faith in its existence, because testing the connection usually happens so fast that we can only see this phase when connecting to the display wasn’t successful.

The second one, the ‘Setup’ phase, checks whether the user has the correct credentials to login into the remote machine. Once the credentials are inserted, they are saved as part of the box property.

I have also prepared a video to show as much as possible both of these phases. They are implemented for SPICE and VNC remote machines.


On my last report, I mentioned I was stuck at creating a drag overlay for SPICE displays. After some trial and error I came up with a solution that doesn’t require any workaround, so I can say I was worrying for nothing. Here’s the result:


I also remade the folder sharing feature to fit the existing SPICE API. After some discussions with my mentor, Zeeshan Ali, this will at most be a temporary solution, as I will hopefully implement multiple shared folders in spice-gtk and further implement multiple shared folders in Boxes.


So there you have it. Stuff you can show to the world from your work. Awesome feeling.

Feel free to give me feedback or advice on

Now, for future plans, I will probably be working a lot on the SPICE layers. I will try to implement multiple shared folders in SPICE and to make wifi-geolocation work inside VMs ( bugzilla link ) .

So, that’s it . Another blog post will follow two weeks from now, hopefully  with many good news . 🙂

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